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Creativity In Our Lives
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Creativity outlives us leaving songs, poetry, lyrics, books, music, sculptures, buildings, designs as a legacy to mankind long after we died of what we achieved

Creativity is that part of us that outlives us, it can write songs, poetry, lyrics, books, compose music, design buildings or sculptures and monuments, paint pictures and leave a legacy to mankind as to whom we were long after we have died, and even while we are yet alive it can make us live and be known, sometimes not by our name but by what we have achieved through our creativity.
Creativity is the very nature of all who would succeed in the music industry, because without that creativity not one lyric or song or poem would ever be written, and the sounds of music would no longer be there to arouse us, console us, comfort us and do all the wonderful things that it can for us. And even for those that cannot stand the sounds of this or that music, life would become so dull and boring in that they no longer could use their own creativity in expressing their utter disgust in so many marvelous ways.
So now the time has come my creativity friends to step out into the unknown and leave your mark upon this world. But be warned creativity always comes at a price, for no race would ever be won, if no one entered into a race, and no one would have the joy of being there to watch the race if no race was there to be run. Creativity lies buried within us and needs only to be woken up. So stir up my creativity friends ‘Light up the candle of your life’ and do this in the very present time, before that candle of creativity goes out forever.
This page called creativity would not have ever been done, it would have sat there empty as it already has for weeks, if this creativity man had not stepped out in faith and committed these words into print. And yet again there would have been no such page if the whole site had not been both planned and submitted. Note also that I took poetic license with the use of the word creativity, for that is what creativity is all about, to go beyond the temporal boundaries of the mind.